Just Making Noise

by Lena Maude

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Sounds like we're in a horrible out of tune tin can for now kids. I think lo-fi is probably supposed to stay away from bandcamp... this is 1940's hi-fi.. maybe? Will replace with ample, lossy, crispy, dericious, oooozing sound particles at a later dater. For now, enjoy the peaking sound waves, the crunch, pizza...


released December 7, 2016

featuring........ Lena, limpy the jam man, cruising Elliot Dean the guitar and the legless, battered sound catcher...iPhone4s



all rights reserved
Track Name: Stars in My Sky
Chasing the strays wondering what'd it feel like to be found. Does it feel like being caught?
Running away, let persephone appraise this situation
a farse in the kingdom
applied condemnation be banished
mind-locked blinded action mocking the dead who love still love the living
gorgeous beloved, tempting mistress, severing goddess
you're eyes are stars in my sky

in his dark layer with his sweet fruits
seemingly acute
he waits for his bride
freedom, he wrote, nature we define with our anxious eye
through our sorrow we find
the will to be pulled under, challenge the task, frighten the mask
give reason to save ourselves from the shrieking, thunderous boom
Track Name: Just Making Noise
I've held hands in two and had the stars yell out of you.
There is sense to be had. We can make wrongs if we want to be bad.
I've held hands in threes and put the stars in the trees.
If we make happy do we make sad and only then are we glad?
I'm not crying I'm just making noise.
Grandmother wrote it into me, ceramic art held with porcelain bones.
Grandfather imbibed my soul, if you've got anger then do what you're told.
Don't let the demons be beat outta you lest you will loose all the things that make you good.
Grandmother watches me and dots my eyes. It's always the flowers that make our lives.
Grandfather sewed my limbs to my frame. If you've got skill then never be ashamed.

Don't let the demons get the best of you it's said each day we can choose.
And I wanna sing and make some noise.
I wanna live and make some noise.
I'm not crying, I'm just making noise.
Track Name: This has been done before
This has been done before
heard the rain pour, pour, pour, pour
Oh this has been done before
caught in a fury of a storm
eeee heard the coyotes scream in a nearby valley
ooo frozen nose clenched teeth
didn't know I could ever know to feel

This has been done before
stories in ancient lore
oh this has been done before
running through the stalks of corn
eee hear the cackling crow scream murder in the hemlock tree

Track Name: Walk Away
Walk away my little heart. Walk away my love. Walk away bull heart and preferences thereof.